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Quality Control

Our strict quality control procedures are one more reason why we produce high quality spun products.  Ever product that we manufacturer is checked throughout each step of the production process.  The first stage of this process includes a detailed inspection of the materials that we are going to use to spin into your final product.  All the material that we work with is specially selected to make sure that it will deliver the best results. 

We have invested in two state of the art CNC lathes.  These lathes bring an entirely new dimension in quality, consistency and productivity.  Our Denn 600 lathes are much more efficient than hand spinning and allow us to spin materials ranging from 6mm aluminium to 4mm mild steel and 3mm stainless steel, accurately and easily.  These lathes will spin up to a 600mm diameter.    

Our spinning lathes are also complete operations to be done in one cycle, including spinning, trimming, beading, flanging, cornering and are quick and easy.

Each of these phenomenal machines provides repeatability and is capable of holding extremely tight tolerance levels  Less thin out of material is achieved as a result of precisely controlled metal forming strokes.

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